Just when you think you can’t move one more muscle and you are about to move on to the final phase of life, you find that your friends are doing wonderful work and the work that they have done is far beyond what they started out doing. Take for instance, Victor Ros who has designed a free learning .com site and a wonderful way to actually learn about wild horses in the field training which can be used also for your college thesis or scientific research concerning animal behavior. But, on this site, horses will be the main subject. Now, the site’s address is http://www.Equilibre – Ethology and Horsemanship. Of course, if you bing this you will find Victor the Ethologist has also been working teaching about all creatures. It is a wonder the man has time to live. Some people must be super human beings. I hope my friends read this and add their new things. It is good to be here for a little while. I won’t be giving away any secrets or breaking any rules, just riding along the trail on this journey until it gets done. Oh, almost forgot! I read that Children 4 Horses, our famous Declan Gregg has visited Washington again. I was sick during those days. (My son had to come home and help out, thanks, son). Well, I am amazed and awed. I have not given up. Don’t ever believe that, no matter what people say. It reminds me of Carly Simon when asked who the person in the song “You’re So Vain” was about. She never told the truth, or did she? Well, I will never give up on the horses, no matter what you might think or hear. I may just have to sit down for a while or take longer naps, but I’ll be praying for the horses and you even in my comatose sleep dreams! Stop worrying. We are going to get this done. Hopefully, we will get this done for Declan and all the children that are involved in the various groups so they can stop worrying and start living and learning without stress over the plight of these beautiful magnificant creatures God created, the wonderful horse. God bless and fee free to contact me @ jagdb@hotmail.com or on facebook @ Annie Barron. Hope to see or hear from you soon!


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