Advocates Need Help to Stop Donkey Roping

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Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source: by Rhonda and Laura Stock from Donkeys Deserve Dignity

Donkey roping is a cruel and completely unnecessary “sport.”

It has come to our attention via the poster shown that a donkey roping event is scheduled for May 25 and 26 in Welch, OK. We stopped ropings in Eden, TX and Van Horne, TX last year. Please send letters and call to get this one stopped too!

The information below will help you in writing an informed letter, and contact names and information are listed. Please keep your messages respectful as it will do a much better job of reaching people (in spite of how angry this makes us all).


Casey Round 918 520 5208 (email: and Facebook:

Dan Conway 806 339 5328 (Facebook:

Brad Ingram 918 244 3732 (Facebook:

Guthrie Murray 918 533 6926

Note that the website is not…

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