Clever horses – Part II

Keeping up wit the EQUILIBRE Gaia blog, I am trying to keep a record of what I learn. When I reblog it, it is for you to be able to read and then to go to the site yourself and see what else there is that you may be interested in to GET INVOLVED with. I hope that readers of this blog posted by Victor Ros (EQUILIBRE Gaia) will also remember Lucas. (Check out Lucas’ facebook page and his videos on youtube). Horses are extremely intelligent thereby giving them the ability to determine that we humans are indeed predators; and, if they so desire, they will become friends with the predator in order to gain some desire that they may have. Some inner thought or suggestion. Some things are just going to be learned the more we know about horses and I think we are just beginning. Happy Trails to you on your discovering the world of horses and Hasta Luego until we meet again.

Wild Equus

One of the first accounts of a “thinking horse” must have been that of Marocco (c. 1586 – c. 1606). Marocco also known as Bank’s Horse was owned by William Banks, and was said to posses the ability (amongst others) of  stomping-out,  with his forefoot, the amount of change in onlookers’ pockets. Needless to say that in those dark ages in which they lived, their uncanny abilities led them to be burnt at the stake, together, by superstitious town folk.

Bankes hath a horse of wondrous qualitie
For he can fight, and pisse, and daunce, and lie,
And finde your purse, and tell what coyne ye haue:
But Bankes, who taught your horse to smel a knaue?

(John Bastard)

Karl Krall & the horses of Elberfeld, Germany.

In the years following the scientific investigation of Clever Hans in 1904 (previous article: Hans the wonderhorse), the “thinking horse” paradigm…

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