I just recently viewed a beautiful photograph of a foal named Cheddar painted by our good friend Linda Martin. I also was going to post this comment concerning the still in the rut problems BLM refuses to take as a possiblility in changing the way they do things. I hope you will add your two cents or million dollars to the answer tothe problems. I am currently having a thunderstorm, so it has to be short and sweet. Please feel free to comment! Thank you for your ideas and please contact support groups to give them your ideas, and people like Jo-Claire Corcoran or RT Fitch. Here we go with my suggestion/comment:

Why not have portable buildings for storage of hay/water and for the areas to use to give horses a place for cover during heat and extreme cold – extreme weather. These horses should be receiving some diet of hay anyway; and the water would just be available to ease their stress of traveling or not finding water at all. The problems of hauling and keeping in one place became a responsibility that should not have been passed off; no excuses for anyone who owns their own horse and certainly not for BLM employees. If you can’t be corrected but you call it criticizing then you don’t want anyone to say anything about anything that is done unless you give them permission on a limited basis; which is not conducive to solving problems. I appreciate the story, Linda L. Martin. I remember it well. The employees of BLM were heart broken and didn’t want the little foal to die; and they didn’t harm the mare on purpose. I fully understand that. Preparation is the key; and in in-climate weather, you have to do a little bit of preparation and then it was up to BLM to protect these horses and use their imaginations and vast ways available to them to do so. Turning them lose probably would have saved their lives; but that is a probable not an exact. I love love the picture. I am going to copy this to my blog now. There are many stories to come that will be happy endings, I pray! Remembering Cheddar…~jennie


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