Stormy nights brings out the night owls and the bloggers.

Today I tried my best to get through all of the email and posts that I needed to. I tried to get to Twitter, but no luck, Twitter will wait at least until I finish this blog post. I learned that there are answers to the wild horse and burro problems but no one wants to agree; and sadly lazy humans are too lazy to agree that we can work together to make the entire “problem” stop. The problems of having roundups during extreme climate days or even forest fires, tornadoes, etc. can be eliminated almost 100% by something the children at Children 4 Horses call, and get this, PREPARATION. How simple is that? Who would have thought of preparing lands that have been there for hundreds of years and that have been ran by a crooked organization like the government organization of the Bureau of Land Management could have the audacity to prepare for anything without claiming that it was not in their budget; yet 6 (six) million dollars was found to round up more horses and put them – oh, I don’t know, somewhere on a dry lot without any pole barns, lean to shelters, or maybe even a trough to drink out of – oh, well, throw in a bucket the size of a gallon of water for about 20 horses and call it watering. I am not going to cut this government agency any slack when it comes to negligence and I am not going to cut the politicians who prop this government agency up any slack for doing what they know is a push for slaughter, eventually. The real agenda for the politicians is the tax form. Yes, the tax for entry that if for the Mainz Income; or for those of you who do not understand how this could or would be done here is a situation, but only one possibility, remember, they are the ones who write and plan these laws in order to make a better world. (Good grief) If a company is a slaughter house in Canada or in Mexico and horses from any places in the United States are sent there, these industries have board members and owners just like every other industry, even if it is the neighborhood boy who mows the lawn. (Mom and Dad just bought the lawn mower and the son just borrowed it to start his own business until he could get his own mower). Not exactly the point you should be concentrating on: any investor should be investing their money as a part owner in trademarks (as in those recipes that sweet Sue got busted over about a year or more ago concerning “filly fillets”), or royalty fees for stock interest. This is truly the political problem we are fighting against. 

Now, we come to the solution. How many times have we posted that there are veterans who have their own rescue horses that help those veterans who need the help of physical therapy and horse riding is part of their total health care rehabilitation? How many times have we posted that there are many rescue sites that are training horses to sell? How many rescue sites can go under if they aren’t careful? All of the above is true. 

In order for the horse population to be at it’s best we have to have the breeding associations agree that the over population of a breed is never going to be the best option. There are small farms, however, who over breed because this seems to be their only lively hood. I say this to them: Dad of the household, get another day job and mom, learn to take care of the horses or hire someone and both of you go to work until you can afford the things you want without breeding continually and without a contract to buy. Milk mare foals are no joke and many of them can die and do die just for the thoroughbred population. These breeders are by no means small potatoes. These breeders do  it for the sake of the odds. Nothing can out breed a Quarter horse breeder so far. What is the market for quarter horses? Where are these horses being used? There aren’t enough farms in the entire United States to take one of these foals from these quarter horse breeders, and yet, you can’t get them to stop breeding. They would rather send their own – or better yet – some child’s pony that can’t be sold – to the slaughterhouse because they just do not want to face the fact: HORSE SLAUGHTER IS INHUMANE and horse meat will never be safe to eat, no matter what you do to it. 

That reminds me. The BLMs idea that there can’t be hay put out on public lands because the wild horses aren’t use to eating such rich foods and can harm their digestive tracts is about the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. Introducing hay/feed to a wild horse’s diet is not rocket science. Having water in troughs big enough to water the herd population in their precious HMAs is not impossible and costs less than any holding facility. The possibility of having certain places to have gathers of horses as needed is not impossible; and the use of portable buildings for shelter during extreme weather is not impossible and all of these things would cost less than the amount that is has cost to round these horses up and put them in less than adequate facilities. These facilities are not and would never be approved if it was a private citizen with horses, wild horses and burros or thoroughbreds, it’s about the same. Feed and water and provide adequate shelter and have grazing land, preferably with some shade. 

I don’t do what if. Excuses just have slowed progress down for anyone, and the horses and burros have suffered. 

I don’t care if you call them wild or feral. If they are hunted down by the Forest Service and no notice is given of what happens to the horses and burros; or if you shoot them from helicopters without public notice, it’s not a surprise. It’s been done all along and without the public notifications. I suppose persons working for these agencies do work hard; of course they have to take orders just like anyone else who has a government job. What I don’t understand is how can an agency that spends as much money as the BLM under direction of the Secretary of Interior, (new one is same as the old one except she wears pantyhose), not be under the same scrutiny as our military? 

Some days are silver and some are gold. Seeing all of the pictures that are posted is great. I do not plan on becoming a photographer, but I plan on posting pictures once in a while. However, I will not post your pictures unless you give me permission. if I do, just let me know and I will remove it as soon as I figure out how to. Yep, I am that dense sometimes. And, somethings are easy for me. We are all like that. We are all made for a purpose. We really do no service to anyone if we step out of our purpose, the purpose that God created us for. For those of you who are unsure of God, just remember, you don’t have to have scientific data or have it be a part of your study; but there has never been a culture without some form of religion. My religion is not important as the fact I understand salvation is not of myself. Nor is the miracle that I am praying for concerning the wild horses and burrosImage


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