EWA update on the Farm Bill & Senate Appropriations Amendment

Just checking the blogs this morning and I will reblog them for you so you don’t have to look for these, at least these that I have posted. Have a great day…

Straight from the Horse's Heart

For all of you who are wondering what you can do to help the wild horses & burros, Rep. Grisham (D-NM) is introducing a bill to ban horse slaughter (see #2 below) so make some calls!  Also, Sen. Landrieu and Sen. Graham are introducing a bill similar to the Moran Amendment, so make calls to the Senate Appropriations Committee members to ask them to support this!   Debbie Coffey

Today’s news update from Equine Welfare Alliance:

Wow, this is a busy and very critical week for us – especially Thursday. Here is information on The Farm Bill and an update on an amendment that will be introduced in the Senate Appropriations Committee – both on Thursday.

We are in the home stretch and it is extremely important that our legislators know they have the support of 80% of Americans. We need you to light up the phones tomorrow!

Farm Bill

The Farm Bill goes…

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