From our friends at EQUILIBRE Gaia’ (I did look up Gaia and it was a surprise, but not one that changed the way I listen to the wisdom of Victor Ros, Director. Thank you for what you do, as always, WHHC.

Wild Equus

Horses (Equus caballus / Equus ferus caballus) are found living a wild way of life in many parts of the world with little human intervention, or none at all. There is little discussion between scientists as to the domestic origin of most of these free ranging horse populations, although some do defend theories of non-domestic origin.

For those that consider that all extant wild living populations of horses indeed descended from domestic horses, the term used to describe them is “Feral” and below some examples of its scientific usage:

“The majority of the apparently wild populations around the world are in fact feral. That is they are domestic animals which have returned to the wild” Kiley-Worthington (1987)

“Feral horses are those whose ancestors or who themselves were domestic stock, but have been free running for some time” McDonnell (1999)

“A number of other populations of free-ranging horses or ponies…

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