Horse Found With Throat Slit, Tongue Removed for Meat ~ Call Senator Marco Rubio Now

Thank you for alerting us throughout the U.S. We realize that we are all over the country trying to stop this atrocity, and we stand with you in your endeavors to stop this insanity!

All Horses Go To Heaven




LOXAHATCHEE, Fla. – A horse was found slaughtered in the northwest area of  Loxahatchee on Monday night, according to Palm Beach County Animal Care &  Control.

The remains of the slaughtered horse were inside garbage bags in a canal near  180th Avenue and 32nd Street, officials said.

Investigators say the slaughtered horse appears to be less that  twelve-years-old.

“We hoped we would never see this in Palm Beach County and this is really the  first time we’re seeing something like this here,” Animal Care and Control  Director Dianne Sauve said.

The throat of the horse was cut, according to animal control officials.   They also said the meat was removed from dominant areas of the horse, including  the tongue.

“You have to wonder… did this horse belong to someone? Did a horse go  missing and no one reported it? Did no one care whether this horse was missing?  Or…

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