Inner Peace Award

Thoughts are like a trickle in time. Don’t get caught up in what we fail to do because we all will fail in one thing or another. I know, I see myself failing all the time. But, with one quick moment, I feel hope that comes from truth and humble thoughts of being a small speck on this world that God created. It’s just part of His plan, and His plan is to help us when we do fail – what wonderful feelings it is when lifted up into hope, we see faith, and then…the actual things that God planned for us, it was right there within us, His Holy Spirit, all along. Be safe this summer. Be good to one another and be strong when you can, and when you are weak, reach out and accept a helping hand. God bless.

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A really special award, two nominations in one week what a wonderful surprise after taking a couple of weeks off from blogging.

Friends indeed this is a special award that Summer and  ajaytoo  bestowed upon me. The precious award means a lot to me, as it reflects her inner soul and the state of her heart. I feel so honored by your beautiful gesture.

Yes dear every one of us is born with a beautiful soul as innocent as a flower, a bird, and through our whole life we struggle through our ambitions and desires, ultimately finding that nothing is worth enough but the journey within, where lies the everlasting peace. We all abide by that ultimate rule from our birth but somehow tend to forget that and get lost in worldly desires. Thank you so much once again dear.

Thanks for constituting this wonderful award!


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