Judge says BLM Underreports Cattle Grazing Impacts

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source: By Brian Maffly | The Salt Lake Tribune

BLM ignored inconvenient data and contrarian views…

A scathing decision by an administrative law judge has concluded the Bureau of Land Management underreports impacts of grazing leases on Rich County’s 25,000-acre Duck Creek allotment.

If the ruling’s reasoning is applied broadly, it could change the way BLM manages grazing on its holdings across the arid West, according to Jim Catlin of Wild Utah Project.

“Sound ranching is part of what we need to have local food and sustainable communities,” Catlin said. “Degraded habitat places at risk your agricultural community as well as your wildlife community.”

The 140-page opinion by Judge James Heffernan, released last month, said the BLM ignored inconvenient data and contrarian views in its environmental assessment of the Duck Creek project, intended to be a showcase for public-lands grazing.

Also, the BLM’s grazing-management practices could violate the agency’s…

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