I have a poll at the end of this article, so let’s begin with the end. It must be stated that there must be a quick reaction time to the Nevada wild horses, since they will be and can be taken care of by the wild horse advocates. There is and should be tension in the air all over the United States. This is the beginning of taking the wild horses back to the public lands from the holding sites; this is the beginning of obtaining and retaining the public lands for wild horses and burros without their lives being endangered by roundups and harrassment; nor will they be sold to slaughter. This should be the day when everyone drops everything and figures out what we should do, immediately! I will state here that you can find more information about these wild horse and the beginning of the information on WILD HORSE HUB CENTRAL on facebook; or you can contact Protect Mustangs, Anne Novak. In the video, there is another wild horse rescue and advocate mentioned, and since I do not know them, I can not remember their name right now. Life is like that for me. Since the beginning of this week, I have been scratching my head as to where to begin and what to do.  Now it’s time to get to work. This means that all aspects of wild horses and burros must be ascertained, studied, and is it possible that different herds or individual horses will need specific attention? Of course, if you have ever owned horses or been on a range with wild horses or personally owned horses, you know that there will always be those times when every single one of them need something special. Usually, at this time of night I want to just relax and try to get my body to stop aching. But right now, we have work to do. Somewhere between heaven and here we have been given a gift to actually take over the rights to manage wild horse herds. Will this be without interference of the Bureau of Land Management? If so, they also need to surrender the rights to all funds that have been set aside to care for the public lands and all funds to care for the wild horse and burro populations; and they must remove themselves from the activity of “managing” anything concerning the horses, which includes the public lands. Migration can begin. People can migrate easily – horses not so easy any more. It’s not a natural plan – nature setting it’s course and the horse finding the path which nature sheds it’s abundance or its scarce resources. Seeds, which I discovered today (Chia seeds!) can be seeded along the various places where horses are not frequently passing until they grow, or just the seeds themselves can be provided as a resource of nutrition along with hay introduced slowly so as not to make the horses ill. Everyone knows that veterinarian care has to begin. The VETERINARIANS AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER may be a source to begin looking. There must be a list made to begin the tasks of caring for these horses. As for research in the field, we must lay aside any arguments as to feral or indigenous, now is the time to care for the horses. When the bones were found, did we have any doubt? I would like to suggest asking Victor Ros Pueo,  EQUILIBRE Gaia’ and  where his contact information can be found and I copied/pasted his links so you can do some research of your own:

As to the poll, I don’t have to know anything, really, I can’t be there in person, and heck, I have lost my cell phone, so I can’t even receive pictures. So, I am doing what I can, and that is read, research, and look for information, updates, and hopefully, reactions from millions of people who are wild horse advocates will respond to the call for help in Nevada; and, not least of all, the funding that BLM has received for caring for these wild horses be surrendered and turned over to these wild horse advocates so they can care for rand keep the WILD HORSE FREE!! I found you all, now you can take the poll or forget it, (right now it’s under password protection and until I take it off or get responses, it’s a mute point to put up a poll and ask just what can you do, or Se La Vive – Anne, I hope I didn’t spell that wrong). Until I return, Get your riding breeches on, looks like we have accomplished a coup de gra (and no, I am not French).   Here is the poll

As you do the poll, help me keep track of the information on there, and the comments on this page so we can find the resouces, as needed, (if that is what you need out there in Nevada.) If you don’t need this, that’s fine. I have just spent hours looking and finding and reading for the pleasure of knowing that the wild horses are finally going to have a chance. WILL WE LET THEM DOWN? I don’t know. We can do our best and demand that the funding not be paid to the BLM because they are going to get paid for that, whether the wild horse advocates do the work or not, whether the horses live or die, the BLM will be paid. Now, it’s up to us. Together we stand, together we fall, but right now, right this moment is all a horse in the slaughter factory has, and now it is gone.

Here is the link to the Nevada wild horse video:

Here is a link to an article that states the population of wild horses or any horse in finite. Absolutely!:

Absolute limits to population growth – detecting hyperbole.


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