Today is Sunday, that day we all set aside to make sure we do something that is not only good for ourselves, but for our neighbor too! Today, we are practicing what we learned the other six days of the week, and was it of any use?

I am sure that all of the information that I gather will help someone somewhere. I do know that I am still trying to keep up with two blogs so that others can find out about the wild horses and burros. Both blogs suffer – but the main goal for me is to be a conduit for the professionals and the experts. To be the one wire that makes contact so that someone new can actually accomplish what I can not…that is a feat of wonder to me every time it happens, and it happens for all of us. We are not an island; we do not stand alone. We should remind the wild horses every time we see them, (if we are that blessed to actually be able to see these magnificent creatures just once in a life time would be amazingly a miracle), that they do not stand alone. We stand with the wild horses just as they and the burros have stood by us no matter what. How many of you would have stayed around as thousands of you are slaughtered and dragged through the streets…ok, I just remembered I am part American Indian, so that may not apply to all of us. Either way, like Declan posted earlier about forgiveness, it’s one of the best parts of life.

Here is the post that I made on the other blog; and you can visit WILD HORSE HUB CENTRAL on facebook and get the other information. There are many administrators who are there that are truly professional, experts, and they will not lead you astray. And, thanks for visiting this blog and WHHC, leave your comments and maybe your own personal information as you leave the pages. We would love to hear from you. Yes, I said we. I am writing this for all of us. Of course, you can always ask me to make sure something is posted in particular. WE can also post this link so you can personally post here, and I think that would be a great idea. It’s just that on the survey link I noticed that someone posted their remark about wild horses that made me wonder just who they really are and do they really understand what we are doing to try to save the wild horses? Hmmm…I can’t reveal their names to you, no matter if you don’t care if I tell, I promised from the beginning I would not reveal names. Besides, it just gives me more things to do and probably another headache, which I now have from trying to keep up with Valerie P. all night long – I don’t think the woman is human and I don’t think she ever sleeps! But, she is one great author and she loves what she is doing…researching the origins of the native indigenous wild horses of the United States. Is that redundant – native indigenous? Oh well, on to the rest of the blog so I can get some sleep, I am not Valerie!

Remember to be kind to one another today…and please keep our wild horses and burros in mind as you plan your day. Thank you! Image

In the past weeks I have really tried to stay calm. It is hard when people do not understand holistic management of wild horses and lands. Therefore, it falls on deaf ears that you do not have to remove horses from ranges, but you can affordably move them to other states with lands (like mine) that has millions of wild refuge lands with so many acres of grazing grasses and clean water. It falls on deaf ears that these wild horses migrated before man decided to make some sort of “sanctuary” for wild horses. Are they really wild after they are put on a sanctuary? If you put a herd of wild horses on an Indian Reservation, they are wild because on an Indian Reservation they are not treated like they would be if they were on a “sanctuary” and they would not need some sort of fight over who gets control of the “sanctuary” that controls the future of the wild horses. We already have that, it’s called the BLM and the public lands.

Can we make a difference? Yes. BLM took the care of the wild horses and burros when the Forest Service refused to keep their population under control (believe me, it is hard to make a park ranger remove a wild animal because that is his job, to make sure that wild animal is not disturbed by anyone); now tell me, who is to blame here? The Forest Service, under pressure from ranchers and private land owners who, somehow became the law, remove wild horses at will without notice to the public if they so choose; and they sell these wild horses and burros to the public at auctions. Worse.

What is the answer, folks? There are hundreds of thousands of us, and we still haven’t solved this problem while Children 4 Horses (Declan) works harder than most people who have jobs…that is just wrong. Is it because some people want them to stay in the west? Where do you think the wild horses went when they migrated? I know we had wild horses in my state. I just haven’t researched just what happened to them, YET. Once I find that answer out, maybe I can get my own senators to understand better just what the gov. has done in their attempts to eradicate the wild horses.

Well, there is more information out there. We are all trying to correlate that information and use it as a tool to actually drive our actions – to make things happen – to actually be VICTORIOUS! God bless our wild horses and burros on this Sunday and everyday.

I also found Wild Horse Annie’s .org group and her story. It was fascinating to read again. You should visit the site, it’s:

http://www.ispmb.org/  and Annie’s story is under the “ABOUT” icon button on the left.

My neighbor’s horse is a gray. I am hoping that I feel like walking that far to meet them some day soon. i would love to touch the nuzzle of a horse again.

Our friend, Valerie

Here is the facebook page for the wild horses of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, some of these horses were removed from the Salt River and put there during the time that Wild Horse Annie’s first attempts to make a better world for the wild horses in the years approximately 1971 – 1980.


Remember, these wild horses are not going to be rounded up by BLM, but by the Forest Service. This means that ANY wild horses not adopted will be put up for auction; or they may just hold an auction. This is to happen in September of this year, 2013. This should give you plenty of time to think if you can go purchase one of these beautiful wild horses.

Here is your facebook page for WILD HORSE HUB CENTRAL:


Here is your survey, please consider answering the question so we can all work together to make a better world for the wild horses and burros. Thank you.


PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION, THANK YOU! http://www.change.org/petitions/tell-president-obama-and-congress-to-ban-horse-slaughter-safe-act-s-541-h-r-1094

Here is the Google blogspot all posts link: http://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=4033947541970770739#allposts


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