Before you know it, Mr. Craig Downer will be taking his petition to Washington. If you are reading this now, it’s not too late. Contact Craig on facebook, or ccdowner@aol.com if you want to go to Washington with him.
This is a great opportunity, folks. We can stand together. We need someone to: 1) co-ordinate the people who want to go to Washington with Mr. Downder 2) co-ordinate the people who want to get a permit and all the legal stuff to march and protest in Washington to let more people know what we are doing is serious, and we mean business and we want changes (GET ‘ER DONE!) 3) We need photographers, news broadcasters and journalists to go. We need to know that there is plenty of coverage and that the Washington politics has nothing to do with us except that we are asking for a change that is not only for the best of the wild horses and burros, but the best for the American tax payer 4) We need someone to collect names that are wild horse advocates – and sign the petition below – so that we can show the number of people who are involved 5) We need a FEDERAL GRANT PETITION drafted, applied for, and on it’s way to being either approved or approved for the following a) Federal dollars that is set aside to the Department of Interior for the Bureau of Land Management has to be stopped and the money that is provided in the present for BLM’s failed Wild Horse and Burro program(s) (the entire set of programs, gathering, holding, and ALL money) be set aside and provided to the holders of the Federally approved Grant to allow horse advocates to care for the wild horses and burros. b) The list of Veterinarians (one group should be contacted – Veterinarians Against Slaughter), Animal Behaviorists, Holistic Herd Managers, Holistic Land Managers, Care givers, Transporters, List of people who are qualified and able to be on location daily, Approximate costs of this program(s), List of people who are qualified to determine whether a person should adopt a wild horse, and the legalalities that are associated with the responsibilities of adoption, and the visitations that occur weekly (if necessary) to the wild horse’s location to make sure that the wild horse or burro is on that location and taken care of as it should be.

This is just a beginning. I will post this and also post on facebook at http://facebook.com/WildHorseHubCentral.

Sometimes we have to stop talking and start doing. All those who are able to do technical work, you need to contact someone who is going to Washington, or the wild horse groups and their advocates to ask them what they would like in a Federal Grant that would allow the wild horses to be maintained by the wild horse advocates.

There is one thing I want to make perfectly clear. I do not promote any more roundups of any kind to remove wild horses from their locations, but let’s be serious for once. Until we obtain control – these wild horses will be removed. Until we can obtain permission from other states to allow wild horses that are in holding to be transported to those states that have wild reserves that are adequate to allow the wild horses and burros to exist FREELY, the wild horses and burros in holding facilities will be auctioned off to kill buyers, they will be “adopted” by people who may or may NOT have the intentions of loving and giving the wild horse a permanent well provided for home. Seriously, it’s time to DO and if you can’t walk the walk, why talk the talk?

I read blog after blog. I read the passion, but one thing that is lacking is our own understanding of just how apart we are. It’s NOT ABOUT YOU! This is about saving the wild horses and burros and putting a permanent END to the illegal activities that have been going on for over a century – that is the killing and the slaughter and the abuse these animals have suffered. So, I expect you to DO what you say you will do; I expect you to be self starters, I expect you to march the marches, write the grant(s), contact the officials for permission to march on Washington and obtain those permits with NO loopholes; I expect you to donate your dollars to the people who are determined to be able to handle the donations with honesty, integrity, and with full open ability to allow all persons interested to view every single cent that is spent; I expect you to do what you have told me you are doing all this time: I expect you to do what you expect out of me – the BEST.


Here is the link to the petition: