Before you know it, Mr. Craig Downer will be taking his petition to Washington. If you are reading this now, it’s not too late. Contact Craig on facebook, or ccdowner@aol.com if you want to go to Washington with him.
This is a great opportunity, folks. We can stand together. We need someone to: 1) co-ordinate the people who want to go to Washington with Mr. Downder 2) co-ordinate the people who want to get a permit and all the legal stuff to march and protest in Washington to let more people know what we are doing is serious, and we mean business and we want changes (GET ‘ER DONE!) 3) We need photographers, news broadcasters and journalists to go. We need to know that there is plenty of coverage and that the Washington politics has nothing to do with us except that we are asking for a change that is not only for the best of the wild horses and burros, but the best for the American tax payer 4) We need someone to collect names that are wild horse advocates – and sign the petition below – so that we can show the number of people who are involved 5) We need a FEDERAL GRANT PETITION drafted, applied for, and on it’s way to being either approved or approved for the following a) Federal dollars that is set aside to the Department of Interior for the Bureau of Land Management has to be stopped and the money that is provided in the present for BLM’s failed Wild Horse and Burro program(s) (the entire set of programs, gathering, holding, and ALL money) be set aside and provided to the holders of the Federally approved Grant to allow horse advocates to care for the wild horses and burros. b) The list of Veterinarians (one group should be contacted – Veterinarians Against Slaughter), Animal Behaviorists, Holistic Herd Managers, Holistic Land Managers, Care givers, Transporters, List of people who are qualified and able to be on location daily, Approximate costs of this program(s), List of people who are qualified to determine whether a person should adopt a wild horse, and the legalalities that are associated with the responsibilities of adoption, and the visitations that occur weekly (if necessary) to the wild horse’s location to make sure that the wild horse or burro is on that location and taken care of as it should be.

This is just a beginning. I will post this and also post on facebook at http://facebook.com/WildHorseHubCentral.

Sometimes we have to stop talking and start doing. All those who are able to do technical work, you need to contact someone who is going to Washington, or the wild horse groups and their advocates to ask them what they would like in a Federal Grant that would allow the wild horses to be maintained by the wild horse advocates.

There is one thing I want to make perfectly clear. I do not promote any more roundups of any kind to remove wild horses from their locations, but let’s be serious for once. Until we obtain control – these wild horses will be removed. Until we can obtain permission from other states to allow wild horses that are in holding to be transported to those states that have wild reserves that are adequate to allow the wild horses and burros to exist FREELY, the wild horses and burros in holding facilities will be auctioned off to kill buyers, they will be “adopted” by people who may or may NOT have the intentions of loving and giving the wild horse a permanent well provided for home. Seriously, it’s time to DO and if you can’t walk the walk, why talk the talk?

I read blog after blog. I read the passion, but one thing that is lacking is our own understanding of just how apart we are. It’s NOT ABOUT YOU! This is about saving the wild horses and burros and putting a permanent END to the illegal activities that have been going on for over a century – that is the killing and the slaughter and the abuse these animals have suffered. So, I expect you to DO what you say you will do; I expect you to be self starters, I expect you to march the marches, write the grant(s), contact the officials for permission to march on Washington and obtain those permits with NO loopholes; I expect you to donate your dollars to the people who are determined to be able to handle the donations with honesty, integrity, and with full open ability to allow all persons interested to view every single cent that is spent; I expect you to do what you have told me you are doing all this time: I expect you to do what you expect out of me – the BEST.


Here is the link to the petition:



July 17, 2013
Something is amiss. We know it. We just do not have the authority to see all that is going on with the wild horses and burros. We are scrambling. The rain is falling. My pc hates me; the plumbing is fixed for the next day of work; the phone wire was pulled out of the outside phone box and finally fixed. Somedays, it’s just best to try your best and be satisifed with that. On to the next day when you maybe able to do more. That is why I am posting this one. I really want you to consider just what will happen if we do nothing. If we allow the wild horses to stay in holding facilities. Do you think that the government, under sequestration, will continue to pay these sky rocketing costs? No. There are solutions. I have only ideas. I have the ability to use a computer. I can NOT be on location. It is my hope that using this blog as an outreach to other wild horse advocates that we, ALL OF US, can come together and without fear of who is going to lead (leaders always know that they are actually servants of the entire group anyway), and without fear of each other, who gets the credit or what happens.
Two new blog posts at http://wildhorsehubcentral.blogspot.com/
One includes the video that was made from a news agency, Democracy Now. The newest post is one of the movies from Nature (Nature.org on PBS) and is about Cloud the Stallion, the Ambassador for wild horses world wide. The movie about Cloud is an excellent family series (3 movies in all) and will be educational, fun, and hopefully, you will join us in the efforts to save the wild horses. Visit WILD HORSE HUB CENTRAL on facebook at : http://www.facebook.com;/WildHorseHubCentral . There you can ask questions and learn how to become invloved. We support ALL wild horse advocates and groups through providing an infomation hub for around the world. You are welcome to join us, ask questions, share information, and help (or just enjoy the educational aspects) do what ever is best for you to do. We are looking for organizors to coordinate efforts: We need someone to 1) Gather advocate groups in one central location (or via skype) 2) Gather wild horse advocates to support these groups by names and email addresses 3) We need to vote on a board for these groups 3)We need to make decisions on the solutions to the problems of the nearly 50 thousand wild horses in holding facilities 4) We need to contact senators and ask them to allow the wild horses to be transfered to states that have reserve areas that are adaptable for wild horses 5) We need to transfer these wild horses to the states that have reserve areas 6) We need to make sure advocates, professional and experts (including volunteers), can take care of these wild horses in their wild reserve habitats 7) We need to ask that these indigenous wild horses are put under the groups care and with protection and including fines and prison sentences for harming, harassing, or killing wild horses (this has to include burros). Under the existing law, Wild Horse and Burro Protection of 1971, this could be ammended to include specific legal qualifications to operate such an endeavor. 8) We have to stay together!!! 9) All solutions must be made by vote of the advocates registered with the group and the board’s constant decisions must be allowed to approve and deligate any and all necessary needs, qualifying professionals and experts and volunteers 10) Support groups must be made for these board members. If you think that this is a solution, please let us know on facebook. Your ideas are welcomed and appreciated.


Today is Sunday, that day we all set aside to make sure we do something that is not only good for ourselves, but for our neighbor too! Today, we are practicing what we learned the other six days of the week, and was it of any use?

I am sure that all of the information that I gather will help someone somewhere. I do know that I am still trying to keep up with two blogs so that others can find out about the wild horses and burros. Both blogs suffer – but the main goal for me is to be a conduit for the professionals and the experts. To be the one wire that makes contact so that someone new can actually accomplish what I can not…that is a feat of wonder to me every time it happens, and it happens for all of us. We are not an island; we do not stand alone. We should remind the wild horses every time we see them, (if we are that blessed to actually be able to see these magnificent creatures just once in a life time would be amazingly a miracle), that they do not stand alone. We stand with the wild horses just as they and the burros have stood by us no matter what. How many of you would have stayed around as thousands of you are slaughtered and dragged through the streets…ok, I just remembered I am part American Indian, so that may not apply to all of us. Either way, like Declan posted earlier about forgiveness, it’s one of the best parts of life.

Here is the post that I made on the other blog; and you can visit WILD HORSE HUB CENTRAL on facebook and get the other information. There are many administrators who are there that are truly professional, experts, and they will not lead you astray. And, thanks for visiting this blog and WHHC, leave your comments and maybe your own personal information as you leave the pages. We would love to hear from you. Yes, I said we. I am writing this for all of us. Of course, you can always ask me to make sure something is posted in particular. WE can also post this link so you can personally post here, and I think that would be a great idea. It’s just that on the survey link I noticed that someone posted their remark about wild horses that made me wonder just who they really are and do they really understand what we are doing to try to save the wild horses? Hmmm…I can’t reveal their names to you, no matter if you don’t care if I tell, I promised from the beginning I would not reveal names. Besides, it just gives me more things to do and probably another headache, which I now have from trying to keep up with Valerie P. all night long – I don’t think the woman is human and I don’t think she ever sleeps! But, she is one great author and she loves what she is doing…researching the origins of the native indigenous wild horses of the United States. Is that redundant – native indigenous? Oh well, on to the rest of the blog so I can get some sleep, I am not Valerie!

Remember to be kind to one another today…and please keep our wild horses and burros in mind as you plan your day. Thank you! Image

In the past weeks I have really tried to stay calm. It is hard when people do not understand holistic management of wild horses and lands. Therefore, it falls on deaf ears that you do not have to remove horses from ranges, but you can affordably move them to other states with lands (like mine) that has millions of wild refuge lands with so many acres of grazing grasses and clean water. It falls on deaf ears that these wild horses migrated before man decided to make some sort of “sanctuary” for wild horses. Are they really wild after they are put on a sanctuary? If you put a herd of wild horses on an Indian Reservation, they are wild because on an Indian Reservation they are not treated like they would be if they were on a “sanctuary” and they would not need some sort of fight over who gets control of the “sanctuary” that controls the future of the wild horses. We already have that, it’s called the BLM and the public lands.

Can we make a difference? Yes. BLM took the care of the wild horses and burros when the Forest Service refused to keep their population under control (believe me, it is hard to make a park ranger remove a wild animal because that is his job, to make sure that wild animal is not disturbed by anyone); now tell me, who is to blame here? The Forest Service, under pressure from ranchers and private land owners who, somehow became the law, remove wild horses at will without notice to the public if they so choose; and they sell these wild horses and burros to the public at auctions. Worse.

What is the answer, folks? There are hundreds of thousands of us, and we still haven’t solved this problem while Children 4 Horses (Declan) works harder than most people who have jobs…that is just wrong. Is it because some people want them to stay in the west? Where do you think the wild horses went when they migrated? I know we had wild horses in my state. I just haven’t researched just what happened to them, YET. Once I find that answer out, maybe I can get my own senators to understand better just what the gov. has done in their attempts to eradicate the wild horses.

Well, there is more information out there. We are all trying to correlate that information and use it as a tool to actually drive our actions – to make things happen – to actually be VICTORIOUS! God bless our wild horses and burros on this Sunday and everyday.

I also found Wild Horse Annie’s .org group and her story. It was fascinating to read again. You should visit the site, it’s:

http://www.ispmb.org/  and Annie’s story is under the “ABOUT” icon button on the left.

My neighbor’s horse is a gray. I am hoping that I feel like walking that far to meet them some day soon. i would love to touch the nuzzle of a horse again.

Our friend, Valerie

Here is the facebook page for the wild horses of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, some of these horses were removed from the Salt River and put there during the time that Wild Horse Annie’s first attempts to make a better world for the wild horses in the years approximately 1971 – 1980.


Remember, these wild horses are not going to be rounded up by BLM, but by the Forest Service. This means that ANY wild horses not adopted will be put up for auction; or they may just hold an auction. This is to happen in September of this year, 2013. This should give you plenty of time to think if you can go purchase one of these beautiful wild horses.

Here is your facebook page for WILD HORSE HUB CENTRAL:


Here is your survey, please consider answering the question so we can all work together to make a better world for the wild horses and burros. Thank you.


PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION, THANK YOU! http://www.change.org/petitions/tell-president-obama-and-congress-to-ban-horse-slaughter-safe-act-s-541-h-r-1094

Here is the Google blogspot all posts link: http://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=4033947541970770739#allposts

HSUS Receives Grant to Help Wild Burros

I am posting this to every group that I belong to because there is a solution; and it is one that will work if we want it to. Here is my remark on another group site, and I hope you will contact the appropriate people, and I pray that the advocates will take this seriously. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this group. With that said, the correlation between the scientific study of the wild horse and the actual protection of the wild horse in the Untied States is the point. We do not need to wait until the wild horses becomes extinct and pay some scientist to reconstruct the wild horse from a peach tree dish. It becomes apparent that more attention needs to be paid to using these facts (historical scientific research) to apply to the methods of saving the wild horses and burros. Actually, I am requesting everyone who does not have wild horses in their states to request ( via email or phone call, and both) that wild horses be removed from the holding facilities and relocated in states who do not have any wild horse population. In my state alone, there is vast amounts of forest and grazing, and plenty of water from streams and rivers. The method of trying to keep the wild horse alive is tandem to the actual science; and those advocates and rescue groups who actually have been saving the history of the wild horses, along with actually saving these ancient creature, is my suggestion: let the advocates and the rescue groups in each state with no wild horses (including the states which already have wild horses) take over the management and care (holistic care) and have the money that BLM uses in abusive practices to manage to extinction. Your study relies on the proof of the wild horse existence in the U.S. We already know that; what we need to do is apply the information that we have, and any new information that is coming in as it is found, and put these wild horses in a program that is NOT ran by the BLM or the Forest Service so that we do not have to watch them die out in a zoo; that is the ONLY reason why I joined this group. To use the information in order to save the wild horses and burros. If that is NOT the reason why this group was formed, I see no reason to be here except to gather information and use it to the benefit of changing the way wild horses and burros are managed and remove the BLM and Forest Service control over the wild horses and burros and put the control into the hands of people who could do the job without wasteful spending and with better ability to care for these horses. I hope people will contact their state reps and I am praying that the advocates and the rescue operations will come to realize that they really can do this operation. I really would love to see wild horses here in my state; and the population and the abuse would stop – if these horses were moved from the holding pens and put back on public lands and reserves. Thank you.


This is from Straight From the Horses Heart By R.T. Fitch. Thank you, Mr. Fitch.

HSUS Receives Grant to Help Wild Burros.




I have a poll at the end of this article, so let’s begin with the end. It must be stated that there must be a quick reaction time to the Nevada wild horses, since they will be and can be taken care of by the wild horse advocates. There is and should be tension in the air all over the United States. This is the beginning of taking the wild horses back to the public lands from the holding sites; this is the beginning of obtaining and retaining the public lands for wild horses and burros without their lives being endangered by roundups and harrassment; nor will they be sold to slaughter. This should be the day when everyone drops everything and figures out what we should do, immediately! I will state here that you can find more information about these wild horse and the beginning of the information on…

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Lawmakers Press for Changes to Broken Wild Horse & Burro Program

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source: Multiple, written by Scott Sonner

“This is an untenable situation, both for America’s wild horses and for American taxpayers.”

RENO — Thirty U.S. representatives urged new U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell on Thursday to make a priority out of reforming the government’s wild horse management program and its spiraling budget that they say has created an “untenable situation” for both the mustangs and taxpayers.

Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva, the ranking Democrat on the House Natural Resources subcommittee on public lands and environmental regulation, wrote the letter appealing to Jewell “as a conservationist and outdoor enthusiast” to help bring “long overdue” changes at the U.S. Bureau of Land Management charged with protecting the horses.

“Given the importance of wild horses to the American people and considering the ever-tightening budget situation, we believe that this is a problem that demands your urgent attention,” he wrote.

Florida Rep. C.W. Young, a…

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Dept. of Interior Responds to Congressional Letter on Wild Horses

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KRNV Reno News 4

You’ll have to click on the link above to read the article, since AP is not allowing this copyrighted material to be published or redistributed, we cannot copy the text here.

Just as BLM set a very narrow scope in the parameters of the study by the National Academy of Sciences, after 30 Congressional representatives sent a letter to Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell, to ask for the reform of the Wild Horse & Burro Management Program, it seems the Dept. of Interior will only be responding to “additional opportunities for population control.”

But, it’s a big deal they even responded.  Ken Salazar didn’t bother to respond.

It is our hope that the Department of the Interior doesn’t omit reform issues like humane handling and BLM’s fraudulent Environmental Assessments that blame degradation of the range on only the wild horses, while there is…

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